Book of the Week: The Map of True Places

I am delighted that Authors Examiner just picked The Map of True Places as their Book of the Week Pick. ¬†With over 6 million visitors a month, ¬†this site is very influential and I’m very grateful they chose my book. You can read what they had to say about Map here.


The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry

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  1. A. Ralph Barlow Says:

    To the author, Brunonia Barry:
    I had a hunch, which was not confirmed when I read your suggested reading list for the map of true places. I thought maybe you had read about the Salem witch trials of the 1630s and 40s. I think your book has a couple fascinating parallels, particularly in the characters of Lilly and Roy. Maybe the mentally ill are one of contemporary society’s “outcasts,” demonized rather than really understood. Sad. Also your take on daughters fulfilling the unconscious dreams of their mothers is a modern version of 17th century restricting women to some vague, societal script….intended to keep women down….”in their place.” Awful. You raise these sorts of questions for me. I thought your book was thought-provoking, contemporary, and rooted in ancient bugaboos…. Thanks. A. Ralph Barlow

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