Happy Halloween!

Since The Lace Reader is set in contemporary Salem, and we are expecting more than 100,000 visitors plus 250 police officers to come here to celebrate today, I thought I'd share some of the information that the city wants everyone to know.

First, there are all sorts of events taking place, so be sure to check out the schedule of Haunted Happenings by clicking here. You'll find everything from Crunchy Granola Baby gatherings (for the little ones) to historical presentations to Wiccan ceremonies to cocktail parties and a fireworks finale.

Secondly, the town of Salem has new rules. You can read them by clicking here. For example, they have tripled the fines for public drinking today. These rules seem like common sense (unless, of course, you love to do most of your drinking in public but then sense, common or otherwise, may not be your forte). Also, be sure to leave your plastic swords and axes at home as they will confiscate anything that looks like a weapon.

Finally, while I love Halloween (especially because I live in Salem), it is only appropriate to pause for a moment to remember when the accusation of  "witch" could cost you your life. Erika Mailman has written an insightful op-ed piece in the Chicago Tribune today. You can check it out here.