New Post for Writer Unboxed Blog

Today I posted a new piece for Writer Unboxed. I must say, if you have ever visited, heard of, talked about, sent love to, bought from, chuckled with, or generally appreciated Cornerstone Books in Salem, Massachusetts, or interacted with any of your local bookstores in this manner, please continue to support them. Local bookstores can be the lifeblood of many communities, the place where thinkers and speakers and listeners can come together to share, explore, and discover things they never knew before. As I say in the post, How would you revamp a struggling local bookstore, what would make you and the rest of your community go there to shop?  What do we have to do to keep these local treasures alive and thriving?

Here's a direct link to the post I wrote for Writer Unboxed, though you should really spend some time poking around the blog if you haven't already. They do some great stuff. Remember to support your local independent bookstores!

With thanks,