Rome to Matera

  Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain at the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Today we are in Rome, wandering around the ancient city, stopping for water and maybe a little of the dark chocolate gelato they have at Piazza Navona. We sat and watched a group of art students sketching the Bernini sculptures at the Four Rivers Fountain, and I wondered if they knew how lucky they were to be young aspiring artists in Rome. We certainly feel very lucky to be here. Tonight we meet our friend Francesca. Then, it's on to Matera for the Sixth International Women's Fiction Festival (click here for details).

Touring Italy

I arrived in Milan yesterday (a full day before my luggage) and will be here until Wednesday morning when we move on to Rome. I spent the first evening with my Italian editor, Elisabetta Migliavada. I had never met her before but had heard wonderful things which were all true. I feel very lucky to be working with her.  Today,  I did several interviews including radio and a variety of print and online media. Francesca Rodella, from my Italian publisher, Garzanti, has done an incredible  job of getting dozens of interviews all lined up. I find that the Italian journalists ask very different (and very good!) questions. As a special treat, I was able to listen to passages of  The Lace Reader read in Italian in the melodious voice of my translator, Chiara Serafin.