Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to me!

I love it when Easter and my birthday fall on the same day! Early this morning, I received some beautiful roses in a tea cup from my niece, Whitney (very Eva, I must say), and an Easter basket (with a special wind up chick) from my brother, Mark . We had a lovely family brunch at the Lyceum in Salem. For dessert, as is my family's tradition, I bit the head off of a small chocolate bunny and surreptitiously slipped the headless carcass back into someone else's Easter basket.

Also, my article on Salem was published today in the Sunday London  Times travel section. You can read it by clicking here. 

And the ads for The Lace Reader have gone up around London as well.

UK ad for "The Lace Reader"

Ads for "The Lace Reader" are on display in the London Underground.

 I have taken an oath not to do any writing today even though the deadline for turning in my new book is looming.  It’s a difficult promise to keep, addictions and work ethic being what they are. This little post doesn’t count as writing and to help me avoid any real work today,  Gary and I are going to take a ride up the coast. Fun times! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.  Details on my recent  trip to Mobile, Alabama next. 

Judging "The Lace Reader" By Its Covers

Thanks to Rebecca Oliver of the Endeavor Agency, I've had the great fortune of selling the publishing rights to "The Lace Reader" to twenty-five publishers around the globe. Most of these foreign editions will be published in 2009.  Lately, a few international covers have started showing up in my InBox so I thought I'd share them with you (see the bottom of this post). What intrigues me is the diversity of imagery and that a few countries have changed the title of the book to better suit their native language.

To see the complete image of any cover, just click on it. After it loads, you can click once more for an even larger version.

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