The Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland, right? Or is it the library?

This week, I was able to combine the two. I flew to California for the annual American Library Association national meeting which was held at Disneyland. No, that's not really true, it was at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is Disneyland-adjacent. Meaning, that after a thrilling day of books (my happiest place on earth), I was able to gaze out my hotel window and watch the nightly fireworks over in the land of Mickey Mouse. What could be better, you ask? Only that The Lace Reader recently received a Starred Review in Library Journal, so the buzz at the show was quite favorable. Click here to read it.

While I was only there for one day, I did manage to get a lot done: - a book signing at the Harper Collins booth - a "Live" stage reading from The Lace Reader - a podcast interview for I Love Librarians with Virginia Stanley (Click here to listen.) (Note: this interview is only 10 minutes long even though it says 1 hour. Not sure what happened there.) - Spoke at the Friends of Libraries / America's Library Trustees & Advocates Gala Author Tea & Signing with authors Ron Carlson, Christopher Reich, Joseph Michelli, and Rich Wartzman. All terrific writers and inspiring speakers.

So now it's back to New England, as the clock ticks on The Lace Reader release date (July 29th all across the country).

And this weekend, we head up to our vacation home in NH (another place that vies for my "happiest place on earth" title) and another set of fireworks (a unique experience and undoubtedly my next blog entry). Let's see, a screened porch, a lake, friends and family, fireworks and a book I just borrowed from my local library. What could be better?

Happy 4th of July everyone!